2006 All Souls Procession



Studio: 1013 S. Tyndall

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"It's a Tucson thing" has never been more true than at the annual All Souls Procession. For the second year, we mounted a taiko on the central Urn cart, and played for the length of the procession. A few blisters are a small price to pay for the spirit, creativity and sheer Tucson-ness of the event. These pictures are by OS ART student Tracy Baynes. Read more about the Procession at www.allsoulsprocession.org

Participants assemble with costumes, banners, and festive reverance: big head puppets, drummers, dancers and thousands of community members from all walks of life gathered to express grief and loss, and to rejoice in living through this celebration of creative energy and life force. Above right: Members of Flam Chen usher the Urn out to the street.



Central to the procession is the giant Urn. It is constructed each year and pulled along the Procession, collecting the blessings, dreams, wishes and hopes for those who have passed. The culmination of the procession occurs at the Grand Finale Stage where the Urn is set aflame. In 2006, Odaiko Sonora began placing a taiko on the cart and accompanying the Urn on its journey.


This year, Karen had to ride on the cart to keep the jiuchi, or back beat, for the songs.


Sonya figures out how to play the taiko without hitting the Urn or its rigging.

Nancy, Gail, Rebecca, Damien and Robert D. also processed. Tracy was there also, of course, behind the camera.

Robert shows off his San Francisco Taiko Dojo t-shirt: what was first will be last.

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