2006 Southern AZ Taiko Showcase



Studio: 1013 S. Tyndall

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Each year, Odaiko Sonora rounds out its mission by producing a showcase event featuring different Arizona taiko groups and special guests from a more establish, national group. The event is exciting and diverse, and allows audiences to experience the breadth of the art form. The event is designed to foster artistic exchange and growth of our local practitioners. The guest group conducts a workshop for the local groups and gives one community presentation. They also contribute one original composition to Odaiko Sonora for performance, and to be the finale of the show. This song is sent by video tape months before the showcase, so that Odaiko Sonora can learn it and teach parts to the other groups. There is a hurried multi-group rehearsal just before the concert, and then it's showtime! The finale is a spectacular, culminating feature of the showcase, as all participating groups take the stage and make a joyful noise together.


Iris Shiraishi of Mu Daiko.


from left: Rachel, Iris, Angie & Jen... and you can just see Rome's arm in the far background.






Tiffany Tamaribuchi was a surprise guest, pictured above taking a solo in the finale played by all four groups.


Odaiko Sonora's Performing Ensemble and Community Group performed several songs...


... and Karen called upon sensei Stanley Morgan of MoGan Daiko, the parent group of Odaiko Sonora, to create a short piece in honor of his teaching.


A Southern AZ Showcase tradition, Suzuyuki-kai Taikoza...


...and Fushicho Daiko, Phoenix, appeared, and collaborated with Odaiko Sonora on several songs.
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