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TUCSON MARATHON. Our annual taiko marathon in support of the runners. Roughly 5 hours of contiuous drumming from dawn to noon!


25th ALL SOULS PROCESSION. For 10 years we've provided the heartbeat at the head of the Procession. Now we'll also be the music spirit group for the Finale! International guest taiko players, $100,000 of drums... and fire! Join us in this amazing community ritual commemorating and celebrating the lives of our ancestors and loved ones.
Assemble at 6th Ave. underpass. Procession starts at 6pm through downtown to the Mercado


ASP Obon Dance Workshop & Chant practice. You can learn the dance in this one final session! We'll practice the chant in the last part of the workshop 12:15–1pm


ASP Lantern-making Happy Hour, Takamatsu Restaurant. This is our last happy hour.


ASP Obon Dance & Chant Workshop. Twice today! You can learn the dance and chant in one session, but come to others for practice, work on costumes and the Procession Drum Cart. Final session is 11/1 12:15–1:30pm & 4:30–5:45pm


ASP Lantern-making Happy Hour, Takamatsu Restaurant, 5532 E Speedway Blvd.We'll be decorating this week, so be prepared to cut, glue, write and draw. Our last happy hour is 10/30.


RESIDENCY at Prince Elementary School, supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Runs weekly through Dec. 17


TMC Get Moving Tucson Event: A-Mountain Half-Marathon, Tucson Lifestyle 5k & Cox Charities 1-Mile


ASP Obon Dance Workshop. You can learn the dance in one session, but come to others for practice, work on costumes and the Procession Drum Cart. Following sessions are 10/25 & 11/1.


ASP Lantern-making Workshop. Family friendly, with Community Group members and Youth Taiko students at Rhythm Industry Performance Factory


AART class thru Nov.22


ASP Lantern-making Happy Hour.
Takamatsu Restaurantm 5523 E Speedway Blvd. Later lantern-making sessions are 10/18, 10/23 & 10/30.


TUCSON MEET YOURSELF. Catch our 14th year of performing at this beloved Tucson festival. We're on the Church Street stage as part of the Global Carnival. 6:30–7:15pm


ASP Lantern-making Happy Hour at Takamatsu Restaurant. Following lantern-making sessions are 10/16, 10/18, 10/23 & 10/30.


Triangle Y
Equiss Teambuilding Workshop


Japanese Vocal and ASP Chant Workshop with Aki Takahashi. Learn basic Japanese vocal techniques and the chant that will spread through the crowd at this year's All Souls finale. The workshop is FREE, though donations to support Aki's travel and the All Souls Procession will be accepted.


AART class runs through Oct 4


Modern Street car opening celebration


Tanabata Matsuri hosted by Sakura No Kai, the Japanese arts and culture club of Sierra Vista. Get the flyer (896k pdf) Sierra Vista, 11:30–3:30pm

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